A Platform For Home Builder Quality Control and Safety Inspections






Home building is a challenging business.

Homebuyers want a perfect home in an imperfect world, so efficiently meeting expectations to ensure total customer satisfaction is no easy task.

Developing predictable, consistent build processes focused on first time quality and safety can go a long way towards helping. A very long way, in fact.

At FTQ360, we understand the challenges a home builder faces and the thousands of details that need to be right on every home, and your need to hold multiple teams and subcontractors accountable for their part every single day.

You also need to do all of this in ways that satisfies customers, regulators, and litigants. And that isn’t always easy.

But if you’re serious about a quality management and safety platform that streamlines your home building process and keeps it under control, we can help.


Serious quality management starts with inspections, so having the perfect library of home builder specific checklists can be indispensable.

The FTQ360 Software Platform comes with over 500 field-proven checklists ready for you to use and adapt your construction quality control process. Or we can import yours.

Serious benefits:

  • Final QA checklists – that check and document proper completion of the home
  • Milestone checklists for foundation, pre-drywall and other key stages of construction
  • Trade specific checklists you or subcontractors can use to verify and document proper completion at each stage of the construction process
  • Warranty and service checklists
  • Over twenty specialized checkpoint formats

500+ Pre-loaded field-proven checklists
Ready to use from day one
Easy to customise to your own needs
Import your own custom checklists




Taking safety seriously is not optional.

Whether you are conducting safety audits, combatting safety hazards, ensuring consistent OSHA compliant reporting or building management support for your safety program, we can help you.

With the FTQ360 Software Platform and it's advanced safety inspection features you can pin-point problem areas and focus improvement efforts where they are needed most.

Serious benefits:

  • Consistent OSHA-compliant safety reporting
  • Jobsite safety audits, daily reports, and job hazard analysis
  • Safety violation documentation, correction, and fines
  • Safety incident and injury reports
  • Toolbox talk scheduling, and documentation records
  • Positive follow-up on observation action items
  • Follow-up and tracking of corrective actions
  • Risk-based injury prevention

Safety and Quality Management Compliance made simple. Cost effective and with proof-positive compliance documentation.




Lower your Costs
Focus on Critical Systems
Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks
Proof of Compliance



Accurate, efficient inspections from the whole team.

If you’re serious about quality and safety, you’ll know that consistent and reliable results are vital.

The FTQ360 Software Platform has advanced technology-enabled features to help you keep your team on the same page.

  • All inspections conducted the same way every time
  • Cloud-based visibility eliminates various versions across project personnel
  • Intuitive and easy to learn for inspectors at all levels
  • Inspector instructions embedded on inspection screens
  • Single platform for communicating all types of deficiencies and issues
  • Monitor inspection and test activity in real-time
  • Never lose track of an issue that needs correction

Control your inspection process and get reliable results every time – from your quality experts and beginners alike.


Control your quality and safety process and ensure reliable results every time - from every single inspection.



What Our Customers Are Saying


In short period of time that we have been on FTQ360 it has made a dramatic difference in our overall quality. Our field team has fully adopted and is using it on 100% of our homes. We are consistently making improvements to our inspections and adding new inspections. Needless to say I am huge fan of the software. If you ever need a reference from the homebuilding industry let me know and I would be more than happy to give my thoughts on the program to another homebuilder considering FTQ360.

Safety Manager


Now we have consistency of QA/QC data worldwide that we can see in real-time….
We are able to identify quality trends and make changes in our QA/QC strategy….
We detect trends in vendor maintenance cycles before they do!...
We use quality performance data to identify strategic vendors that we want to work with us.

Quality Manager


I set up a webex meeting a few days before a vendor audit to train the auditors. They didn’t even call on the day of the audit with any questions. We got a good report and obviously it was quicker because afterwards they didn’t have to use Excel, insert pictures, and do all that emailing back and forth.

Safety Manager


So my checklists are done, updated them, mailed out to all relevant parties, everyone is shocked about the quality and control of what im giving them, so I am happy, over the moon, this software is a game changer like I mentioned and with all said, I have have a presentation meeting with my head of department, finance manager and the CEO this afternoon regarding this software, mainly to move in this direction and subscribing to the 5 user subscription. Thank you very much for your assistance, much appreciated, and if I could rate this software to anyone, I will do it gladly, but I'm not, as I want it for myself!

Quality Control Manager


David said his guys were thanking him for FTQ360 because it makes their job so much easier and faster. They love it!

Safety Manager


FTQ360 has been a great program for us. And now that you can take pictures with a single click it is so easy to use.

Quality Control Manager


Extremely helpful in documenting deficiency issues we have to keep track of.

Quality Control Manager


The team doesn’t complain about having to use FQ360, which is not the case for most software. For most software, people complain about how it works or what it doesn’t do. I never hear complaints about FTQ360.

Safety Manager


I’ve been using FTQ360 with my company for about 3 years. At times I have problems (mostly due to my lack of knowledge) with the program. JC has always led me to a speedy resolution. Unlike a lot of programs where the customer service people are condescending nerds, JC is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. He always helps me and always does a follow-up contact. I value his expertise.

Safety Manager


The team at FTQ360 has been fantastic. From answering questions, to helping with set up, and meeting for training JC and Ed have been helpful, responsive, and all around great to work with.

Safety Manager


You guys have the best support. I can’t tell you how many other software companies are impossible to get a hold of anyone and you guys always respond immediately.

Safety Manager


From the start up and addressing concerns while creating a custom app for us, the FTQ staff has been wonderful and always willing to help. I wish we could have found a Quality app provider long before. Thanks guys.

Quality Manager


If you are serious about streamlining your field operations, then focusing on automating your field communications of deficiencies and action items and simplifying your processes are a great place to start.

Here’s what the FTQ360 Software Platform can do for you.

  • Deficiencies documented right on the inspection screen
  • Notifications automatically sent to responsible parties
  • Corrections documented on-line by responsible parties
  • Inspectors automatically notified of corrections
  • Every team has on-line visibility of open issues and automatic weekly punch-lists

Automated workflows eliminate the need to administrate email communications and reminders.

Stay on top of your deficiencies by eliminating unnecessary steps and automating key tasks.


Stay on top of quality and safety issues by eliminating unnecesary steps and automating key tasks.




Insightful performance dashboards and reports.

Data driven decisions on recurring issues and who is responsible for them need robust data, just as effective business management relies on regular measurement and analysis of performance metrics.

The FTQ360 Software Platform includes powerful quality performance scoring and reporting functionality as standard.

  • Identify high-priority recurring problems
  • Monitor subcontractor quality, safety and time to repair
  • Interactive dashboards let you see the big picture and drill down to problems you can solve
  • Track cost, days delay, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) for each team

Make better decisions with advanced performance scoring and management capabilities.


Keep your quaility and safety program on track and address project specfic risks with powerful performance and problem-solving analytics tools. 




This is no ordinary Demo.

Since the early 1990s, the FTQ360 team has been pioneering the development of quality and safety systems. 

  • The FTQ360 software will be set up to reflect your business goals
  • Your Demo Session will be conducted by a knowledgeable expert
  • We will discuss and show you solutions to your specific Commissioning challenges
  • The Demo is completely without obligation




How we helped Thrive Home Builders


"Staying on top of open issues is streamlined now, and easily trackable. We email deficiencies, notes, and photos directly to the trades from the jobsite; they in turn mark those issues as Ready for Review when they've fixed the problem and send it right back to the PM for clearance – very quick and easy for all to use."

Jacie Jeffrey

Quality Assurance
Thrive Home Builders


Highly Configurable

Not all projects are the same. Configure to suit your project.

  • Custom checklists
  • Configurable workflows
  • Automated reporting to any stakeholder
  • Inspector types for flexible, role-specfic tasks

Highly Customizable

Set up the platform to suit your company and scope of work.

  • Custom branding across PDF reports and app
  • Templates across divisions, departments, projects and inspector types
  • Home screens configurable for inspector roles and permissions

Free Customer Support

  • Free phone, email and chat support
  • Extensive help-documents and videos included with every subscription
  • Premium and Enterprise support services for those who want consultative and custom development options

No Hidden Costs

  • Unlimited inspections
  • Unlimited data storage for inspection data, images and files
  • No limit on the number of projects or divisions
  • No charge for Managers and Subcontractors who only need to view and respond

Inspector Management

Inspector settings and options for Company, Third-Party and Self-Inspectors.

  • Access to specific projects, checklists and workflows
  • Access and permission levels
  • Upload documents, pictures, reports
    and files

No Internet - No Problem

The ability to work and inspect offline and synchronise later.

  • Add and manage issues, write up reports, add photos and complete checklists and tests - all without being connected to the internet
  • Next time you are connected, the inspection will automatically sync to
    the server