Renewable Energy Construction Quality Management Software

Essential QAQC Software Functions for Renewable Energy Projects

FTQ360’s Essential QAQC Software Functions for Renewable Energy Projects

  • #1    Deficiency inspection reports to document and control deficiencies. 
  • #2    Checklist inspections to ensure completed work meets specifications. 
  • #3    Engineering tests and completion inspections collect all types of field data that prove technical compliance with the project specifications. 
  • #4    Field Data Collection replaces forms and spreadsheets with a digital approach.
  • #5    Project specific QAQC plans itemize required inspections and tests for the lifecycle of the project, schedule inspections, monitor progress, and control deviations.
  • #6    Proactive QAQC for clean energy projects prevent problems with a focus on first time quality.
  • #7    Daily progress reports provide a detailed record of project progress through photos, videos, and activity logs. 


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Deficiency Inspection Reports


The backbone of quality control in renewable energy construction projects, ensure no error goes unnoticed or unresolved with Deficiency Reports.

FTQ360 Deficiency Inspection Reports provide a systematic way to document, communicate, and correct issues. Through automation, FTQ360 streamlines processes, boosting productivity and saving clients both time and resources.

Serious Benefits:

  • Uniform process for tracking and assigning accountability for deficiencies.
  • Rapid communication and resolution of renewable energy project issues.
  • Efficient control over open deficiencies, mitigating any potential risks.
  • Identification and prevention of recurring issues, leading to continuous improvement.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all project stages, from design to operations.

Checklist Inspections


Assure completed work meets specifications. Checklists systematize the inspection process with a focus on preventing risks and achieving first time quality.

FTQ360 Checklist Inspections are designed for a multitude of renewable energy project tasks, whether you're involved in wind projects, solar plants, or power delivery projects. Checklists provide a detailed, structured method to document compliance with renewable energy project requirements, aiding in risk prevention and ensures first-time quality.

Serious Benefits:

  • Consistent, expert-guided inspection process for precision and reliability.
  • Documented compliance bolstering customer confidence and company security.
  • Enhanced precision in inspections despite the varying expertise of field personnel.
  • Capability to identify and rectify known issues promptly, increasing project success probability.
  • Heightened accountability for vendors and subcontractors, leading to rapid correction of any deficiencies.

Engineering and Completion Inspections


FTQ360's Engineering and Completion Inspections ensure technical compliance throughout the renewable energy project lifecycle.

Engineering and completion inspections leverage mobile and database technologies to collect diverse field data and technical measurements, ensuring high-level accuracy and compliance in every phase of clean energy projects. The inspections are specifically designed to handle the intricate details and complexities involved in wind energy installation, solar power commissioning and other renewable energy construction initiatives.

Serious Benefits:

  • Universal platform for all types of technical inspections, providing organized data, pass/fail calculations, and inspection reports.
  • Consistent process for creating unique engineering report templates and evaluating external test reports.
  • Enhanced inspector productivity by directly feeding field data into digital templates, reducing manual transcription and communication efforts.
  • Advanced inspections that can dynamically adjust for repetitive measurements and incorporate branching logic, among other features.
  • Greater likelihood of meeting technical requirements and minimizing issues during renewable energy project implementation, startup, and commissioning.
Power Delivery Consistent Inspections

Field Data Collection

Record routine and repetitive field data on digital forms and spreadsheets. Easily integrate them into punchlists, checklists, and daily reports. 

FTQ360 provides a digital platform for capturing all types of field data, external documents, files, and photos, and producing professional-grade reports.

Examples of Field Data Collection Uses:

  • Daily progress reports to record project activity.
  • Manpower logs.
  • Concrete delivery sample measurements.
  • Material delivery item, quality, and condition records.
  • HVAC startup measurements.
  • Equipment serial numbers.
  • Daily report subcontractors and/or equipment on site.
  • Key dimensions of formwork, foundation, and framing.
  • Automatic weather and current conditions.
  • Precision GPS location.
  • Capture and acceptance of third-party inspection test reports.
  • OCR capture of measurement device screens. 
  • Replacing forms and spreadsheets for reporting or data collection.
  • Startup of equipment, assemblies, systems, and subsystems.
  • Commissioning performance testing.
Engineering and Completion Inspections


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Project-specific QAQC Plans


Comprehensive QAQC plans identify specific inspections and quality controls for each renewable energy project stage, promoting accountability and enabling automated progress and cost tracking. They ensure every renewable energy project complies with specifications and requirements at all stages, from preliminary planning to project handover and closeout.

Serious Benefits:

  • Upcoming inspections can be scheduled in FTQ360 and assigned to inspectors, enhancing coordination and accountability.
  • Real-time visibility of QAQC plan progress through look-ahead dashboards displaying upcoming activities and monitoring completion status.
  • Simplified QAQC management workflows through automation of administrative tasks and exception alerts.
  • Consistent QAQC framework across similar renewable energy projects, facilitated by adaptable project plan templates.
  • Fulfilment of customer requirements for project-specific QAQC plan submittals, promoting project success and quality assurance.
  • Easily satisfy customer requirements for project-specific QAQC plan submittals.

Proactive QAQC for Clean Energy Projects


Data-driven strategies pre-emptively manage potential risks, improve first-time quality, reduce business risks and ensure more predictable project delivery.

This robust function identifies and prioritizes quality risks in renewable energy projects by analyzing historical deficiency data, learning from previous sustainable energy projects, and evaluating vendor performances. It also assists in the implementation of high-performance programs such as Six-Sigma and Lean.

Serious Benefits:

  • Aids renewable energy contractors and construction companies in identifying potential problems and risks, contributing to safer and more efficient construction sites.
  • Enables the review of vendor quality performances from past projects, giving insights into potential risks or grounds for vendor disqualification.
  • Incorporates lessons learned from other projects, enhancing controls to prevent known risks, particularly vital in innovative fields like hydrogen-powered construction equipment.
  • Allows agile defect prevention processes to monitor deficiencies in real-time, promoting quick actions to prevent similar issues.
  • Supports the transition away from fossil fuels by ensuring higher success rates and first-time quality in wind power and other clean energy projects.
07 Analytics

Daily Progress Reports


Ensure constant communication with stakeholders and safeguard your organization. Real-time insights into project developments with comprehensive logs featuring images, video footage, and activity records.

FTQ360 empowers renewable energy projects with comprehensive construction daily progress reports with real-time insights into project activities. These reports serve as a detailed record of daily operations, capturing key information through photos, videos, and activity logs. They provide valuable documentation of decisions, delays, and encountered issues, ensuring transparent communication among stakeholders involved in the project.

Serious Benefits:

  • Field personnel can efficiently record and track incremental progress on renewable energy projects, including capturing visual evidence through site photos and videos, as well as capturing specific work details.
  • Streamlines the collection of crucial field data related to onsite personnel, subcontractors, equipment, material receipts, and automated weather reports, all specific to the unique requirements of renewable energy projects.
  • Offers comprehensive documentation of challenges faced, unexpected costs, and delays, which significantly strengthens the company's position in potential compensation negotiations common in the renewable energy industry.
  • Provides project managers with real-time insights and a virtual site visit experience, enabling them to stay informed and make timely decisions for successful project execution.


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User Friendly Software Platform

A robust, scalable platform, refined by over a decade of continuous improvement. User-friendly interface simplifies the handling of renewable energy projects.

FTQ360s intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform boosts productivity, allowing your renewable energy construction company to easily manage and track progress and handle multiple large-scale projects efficiently. It supports seamless integration with other applications, offers robust offline capabilities with automatic syncing, and provides a direct connection to data analysis tools like Excel and Power BI. It also ensures the highest level of cybersecurity standards.

Serious Benefits:
  • User-friendly mobile apps and interface, making project management and tracking easier.
  • Seamless integration with other applications, enhancing workflow continuity.
  • Reliable offline functionality with smart, automatic syncing to/from servers.
  • Direct database connectivity for advanced data analysis with tools like Excel and Power BI.
  • Robust cybersecurity features, safeguarding personal and confidential data, and ensuring backup and disaster recovery.

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