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FTQ360’s Essential QAQC Software Functions for Oil and Gas Projects

  • #1    Deficiency inspection reports to document and control deficiencies. 
  • #2    Checklist inspections to ensure completed work meets specifications. 
  • #3    Engineering tests and completion inspections collect all types of field data that prove technical compliance with the project specifications. 
  • #4    Field Data Collection replaces forms and spreadsheets with a digital approach. 
  • #5    Project specific QAQC plans itemize required inspections and tests for the lifecycle of the project, schedule inspections, monitor progress, and control deviations.
  • #6    Proactive defect prevention and risk management prevent problems with a focus on first time quality.
  • #7    Daily progress reports provide a detailed record of project progress through photos, videos, and activity logs. 


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Deficiency Inspection Reports


A robust and consistent approach to tracking and resolving issues in oil and gas projects. Automate deficiency tracking to simplify issue resolution – saving time and money.

FTQ360's QAQC software documents issues throughout all stages of the oil and gas project, from design issues in equipment, assemblies, interconnections, and systems, to problems during factory acceptance and on-site testing. It tracks issues during the assembly and startup phase, as well as equipment and system performance issues found during completions and commissioning. It also records warranty and maintenance issues post-project completion.

Serious Benefits:

  • A consistent process that oil and gas companies can use for tracking and assigning accountability for correcting deficiencies.
  • Automated communication of issues leading to time and cost savings.
  • Easy access for project managers to address outstanding issues impacting budget and schedule.
  • Assurance that open deficiencies are under control and do not slip through.
  • Ability to identify and prevent recurring issues, enhancing overall project quality outcomes.

Checklist Inspections


Systematize quality assurance with checklist inspections. Enhance confidence in the oil and gas industry with sophisticated inspection techniques.

Checklist inspections are a major function of FTQ360, focusing on the successful completion of tasks rather than merely correcting failures. This feature brings structure and efficiency to the inspection process by creating individual checklist templates for each type of project work task. The checklists typically contain a list of items (checkpoints) based on known possible issues and key requirements.

Serious Benefits:

  • Checkpoints provide an agenda for performing an inspection, based on lessons learned by subject matter experts.
  • Ensures customer confidence and safeguards the company by documenting adherence to project requirements.
  • Maintains accuracy even though field personnel may have varying levels of competencies, knowledge, expertise, and training.
  • Increases the likelihood of a successful outcome with checklists designed to catch known issues.
  • Boosts supplier and subcontractor accountability for quality, ensuring swift correction of any deficiencies.
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Engineering and Completion Inspections


Assure technical compliance with FTQ360's oil and gas inspections. Document intricate technical measurements and validate compliance.

Replace spreadsheets and emails with streamlined digital inspection processes.

Serious Benefits:

  • FTQ360 provides a universal platform for reporting all types of technical inspections, organizing field data, measurements, calculating pass/fail statuses, and producing inspection reports for infrastructure and oil and gas equipment.
  • A consistent process for configuring unique engineering report templates and reporting technical tests. The same consistency applies to the review and acceptance of test reports by others.
  • Inspector productivity is improved as field data is recorded directly into the digital inspection template. This feature eliminates the need for transcribing handwritten notes and sending emails.
  • FTQ360's inspections have advanced capabilities such as dynamic expansion to collect repetitive measurements, calculate pass/fail, and use branching logic, making the process smarter and more efficient.
Power Delivery Consistent Inspections

Field Data Collection

Record routine and repetitive field data on digital forms and spreadsheets. Easily integrate them into punchlists, checklists, and daily reports. 

FTQ360 provides a digital platform for capturing all types of field data, external documents, files, and photos, and producing professional-grade reports.

Examples of Field Data Collection Uses:

  • Daily progress reports to record project activity.
  • Manpower logs.
  • Concrete delivery sample measurements.
  • Material delivery item, quality, and condition records.
  • HVAC startup measurements.
  • Equipment serial numbers.
  • Daily report subcontractors and/or equipment on site.
  • Key dimensions of formwork, foundation, and framing.
  • Automatic weather and current conditions.
  • Precision GPS location.
  • Capture and acceptance of third-party inspection test reports.
  • OCR capture of measurement device screens. 
  • Replacing forms and spreadsheets for reporting or data collection.
  • Startup of equipment, assemblies, systems, and subsystems.
  • Commissioning performance testing.
Field Inspection Data


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Project-specific QAQC Plans


Enjoy systematic and reliable quality assurance in all stages of oil and gas projects with comprehensive planning tools.

FTQ360's comprehensive planning tools not only streamline the inspection and testing process, but also clearly outline the responsibilities of various stakeholders in oil and gas projects.

Serious Benefits:

  • Upcoming inspections can be scheduled and assigned to inspectors, providing a well-structured workflow.
  • Look-ahead dashboards give a preview of upcoming QAQC activities, enabling efficient resource allocation.
  • Monitor QAQC plan progress with real-time visibility showing percent complete, ongoing activities, and potential omissions.
  • View a consistent QAQC framework across similar projects with adjustable project plan templates.
  • Simplified QAQC management workflows with automated administrative tasks and exception alerts.
  • Easily satisfy customer requirements for project-specific QAQC plan submittals.

Proactive Quality Assurance & Risk Management


Mitigate risk in oil and gas projects with comprehensive quality assurance. Leverage data for better risk management

By leveraging historical data, the FTQ360 platform helps identify recurring issues and quality risks, and prioritizes them. Prevent avoidable defects that may lead to costly setbacks and enhance the predictability of oil and gas operations.

Serious Benefits:

  • Potential problems and risks can be identified early in the oil and gas industry project lifecycle.
  • Leverages historical deficiency data to identify issues that frequently occur, cost the most, or cause significant delays on other projects in the oil and gas industry.
  • Support the incorporation of lessons learned from other oil and gas industry projects to engage the collective experience of the project team.
  • Review vendor first-time quality performance on other projects to help understand their inherent risks or even disqualify the vendor.
  • Include initial inspections to verify that repetitive work starts correctly.
  • Real-time deficiency monitoring enables agile defect prevention, leading to swift actions to prevent recurrence.
  • Measure vendor first-time quality performance to ensure accuracy and maintain high-quality standards in the oil and gas industry.
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Daily Progress Reports


Maintain transparency with stakeholders and fortify your corporate integrity. Get live updates of projects at any moment, with photographs, videos, and comprehensive activity logs.

In the dynamic world of oil and gas projects, FTQ360 offers comprehensive daily progress reports, providing a real-time snapshot of project activities. These reports meticulously document activities, decisions, delays, and issues encountered, and are enriched with photos, videos, and activity logs – a structured approach to reporting tailored to oil and gas industry stakeholders.

Serious Benefits:

  • Field personnel can create detailed incremental records of daily oil and gas operations, supplemented by a photo and video survey of the site, as well as granular details of ongoing work.
  • Collect critical field data about onsite personnel, subcontractors, equipment, material receipts, and automated weather reports specific to oil and gas projects.
  • Document problems encountered, unexpected costs and delays.
  • Keep oil and gas project managers informed. FTQ360’s progress reports serve as a virtual site visit, keeping stakeholders up to date on the project's status.
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User Friendly Software Platform

A practical, friendly and scalable platform with low learning curve for even non-technical users.

FTQ360 presents a practical, user-friendly software platform designed to meet the high demands of oil and gas industries worldwide. Refined over more than a decade's worth of continuous improvements in direct collaboration with global oil and gas owner/operators, FTQ360 ensures efficient project management and high-performance outcomes.

Serious Benefits:


  • FTQ360's robust design efficiently handles multiple large projects, accommodating hundreds of projects, thousands of inspections and hundreds of thousands of checkpoints.
  • With reliable functionality both online and offline, FTQ360 is immune to sketchy internet connections.
  • Automatic smart syncing to and from remote servers.
  • Seamless integration with other applications allows for synchronizing projects, vendors and users.
  • Direct connections to FTQ360 databases from Excel, PowerBI and other analysis applications is possible for enhanced data analytics.
  • The platform adheres to international standards for cybersecurity, ensuring the protection of personal and confidential data, and comes with robust backup and disaster recovery mechanisms.

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