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Project completions and commissioning in the energy sector is an exacting and complicated business, so attending to all the details and staying on schedule is no easy task.

Developing a structured and predictable process can go a long way towards helping. A very long way, in fact.

At FTQ360, we understand the challenges of planning, managing and controlling the intricacies of project completions and commissioning. Documenting inspections, technical tests, recording performance data, and your need to hold multiple teams accountable for their part -every single day. You also need to do all of this in a way that communicates and resolves deficiencies quickly and ultimately proves compliance to owners, operators, and regulators. And that isn’t always easy.

But if you are serious about a platform that improves and streamlines your project completions and commissioning process, we can help.

  • Rigs and Wells
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Control Systems
  • Start-Up
  • Commissioning


Start with the end in mind.

We get it, nobody likes project closeout – massive quantities of inspection reports, test reports, files, and details that need to be packaged up and reported when you could be moving to the next project. FTQ360 collects reports and documents in an organized way throughout the commissioning process so you are always ready for a quick and easy closeout. Create a complete and up to the minute handover package by outputting reports in PDF format and downloading related documents. It doesn’t get any simpler.

  • All inspections and tests you perform on the FTQ360 platform are automatically formatted and organized into a turnover package
  • Include operational documents and manuals uploaded and stored on the FTQ360 servers as you proceed throughout the project
  • A final report shows the inspections, tests and reports completed for each piece of equipment and subsystem
  • Turnover packages prepared in a searchable PDF format so so it easy for the operator to continue with operation and maintenance of the new facilities

FTQ360 as the single source for generating handover documents vastly simplifies handover to the client.

Save months of work organizing information while setting the client’s operating team up for the best chance of success.



Ensure an organized and safe startup with properly planned/tracked activities.

When you’re serious about completions and commissioning, the upfront planning of inspections and tests for specific equipment and systems - and then keeping the process on track – becomes a business imperative. With the FTQ360 Software Platform, it’s baked right into the process.

  • Define your inspection and test sequence for each piece of equipment, subsystem and system
  • See the schedule composite timeline in the office and in the field
  • As inspections and tests are completed, they automatically post, showing completion status of the commissioning plan in real-time
  • Know which activities are on-time, forecast delayed activities that could impact startup and take proactive steps to maintain your in-service date
  • Import/export schedules for integration with P6 or MS Project

Replace multiple apps on PCs with a single-solution platform shared by the whole team.

Keep your completions and commissioning process on track and address project-specific needs with professional-grade planning and integrated tracking.

Commissioning - Safe Startup


Serious inspections and tests start with replacing complex spreadsheets with a versatile purpose-built database platform. Converting spreadsheets into a centralized library of checklist templates is indispensable. End emailing of spreadsheets forever.

Serious benefits:

  • Convert the chaos of spreadsheets into a company library of standard templates used on every project.
  • Create your completions and commissioning checklists using our templates, fully customizable to your project’s needs, or import yours
  • Record test data and repetitive measurements directly on the FTQ360 platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets
  • HD photos and videos seamlessly integrated into every checklist with time and GPS stamps
  • Set Pass/Fail criteria and calculations so technicians have immediate feedback to start troubleshooting immediately
  • Document deficiencies on any checkpoint
  • Report approvals with multiple sign-off signatures
  • Over twenty specialized checkpoint formats to handle any type of information you need to capture
  • Automatically generate reports for each subsystem

Take advantage of digital technology to replace your paper or spreadsheet checklists with game-changing features and ease of use.


How we helped Henkels & McCoy


Because we have many different projects and project managers, FTQ provides a consistent platform for inspections, reporting, and documentation regardless of location

John Davis

Quality Specialist
Henkels & McCoy


Fast and easy issue communication and control.

If you’re serious about commissioning quality, then efficient communication of issues in a managed process from discovery to resolution is a great place to start. Here’s what the FTQ360 Software Platform can do for you.

  • Seamless documentation of deficiencies through all phases of your project – FAT, Construction, Commissioning, Closeout right on the inspection screen
  • Categorize deficiencies by priority, and reason code, and assign them to the group/individual that is responsible to rectify each item
  • Deficiency due dates are linked to the overall commissioning schedule so you know when each deficiency must be rectified to stay on schedule
  • All deficiencies stored on the FTQ360 platform for visibility to all stakeholders
  • Reporting corrections then documents their completion and removes them from the list of open issues. Inspections can pass only when all related issues are resolved
  • Formal non-conformance process for disposition of critical deficiencies
  • Automatic generation of open issue reports and reminders

No more separate Excel sheets and emails. Track all your deficiencies in one place.

Stay on top of your deficiencies by eliminating unnecessary steps and automating key tasks.

Commissioning Deficiency Tracking


Equipment, sub-systems, and systems are at the heart of a Cx process.

FTQ360 ties all tests and inspections to specific equipment tags, sub-systems and ultimately the overall system with these features:

  • All equipment tags, subsystems, and systems are uniquely identified and listed in one location
  • Scheduling focuses on equipment and the required sequence of inspections and tests. Systems too
  • All commissioning reports and deliverables are tracked to specific equipment and system identifiers
  • Upload equipment and systems operating manuals, documents, as-built, and other documents for inclusion in each handover package
  • Clearly defined client handovers for each piece of equipment and system

The FTQ360 commissioning platform integrates equipment and systems into every aspect of the construction, startup, and commissioning process.

Commissioning Equipment and Systems


A managed approach to data accuracy and security.

Ensuring inspection and test data are managed properly is a serious business – collecting the data, verifying details, and presenting easy-to-read inspection reports with proof-positive compliance documentation can really help. The FTQ360 Software Platform includes a full range of reporting features to keep you in control.

  • Upload supporting documents, test reports, scans, and files to any inspection or test including O&M manuals, red-line and as-built drawings, SOPs, and SWPs
  • Security controls allow external parties limited access to perform inspections and tests
  • Professional grade reports are automatically formatted by FTQ360
  • Every inspection checkpoint and piece of test data is recorded in the FTQ360 database in real time with detailed activity logs
  • Automatic backup to your designated repository

Replace your filing system with a database approach that is far more accessible, secure, and reliable.

Commissioning Data and Documentation


This is no ordinary Demo.

Since the early 1980s, the FTQ360 team has been pioneering the development of quality and safety systems. 

  • The FTQ360 software will be set up to reflect your business goals
  • Your Demo Session will be conducted by a knowledgeable expert
  • We will discuss and show you solutions to your specific Commissioning challenges
  • The Demo is completely without obligation



How we helped Walker Engineering


FTQ360 has been a good feedback mechanism for our crews and management team to help us track Safety and Quality

Ibrahima Sy

QA/QC Manager
Walker Engineering


Highly Configurable

Not all projects are the same. Configure to suit your project.

  • Custom checklists
  • Configurable workflows
  • Automated reporting to any stakeholder
  • Inspector types for flexible, role-specfic tasks

Highly Customizable

Set up the platform to suit your company and scope of work.

  • Custom branding across PDF reports and app
  • Templates across divisions, departments, projects and inspector types
  • Home screens configurable for inspector roles and permissions

Free Customer Support

  • Free phone, email and chat support
  • Extensive help-documents and videos included with every subscription
  • Premium and Enterprise support services for those who want consultative and custom development options

No Hidden Costs

  • Unlimited inspections
  • Unlimited data storage for inspection data, images and files
  • No limit on the number of projects or divisions
  • No charge for Managers and Subcontractors who only need to view and respond

Inspector Management

Inspector settings and options for Company, Third-Party and Self-Inspectors.

  • Access to specific projects, checklists and workflows
  • Access and permission levels
  • Upload documents, pictures, reports
    and files

No Internet - No Problem

The ability to work and inspect offline and synchronise later.

  • Add and manage issues, write up reports, add photos and complete checklists and tests - all without being connected to the internet
  • Next time you are connected, the inspection will automatically sync to
    the server